Raise Langtang

The main goal of our displaced community, led by The LMnRe Committee, is to form a plan to rebuild the houses trails, infrastructures and community

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Welcome to Langtang Management and Reconstruction Committee

We are rebuilding our Langtang....

Langtang village is sometimes referred to as ‘Beyul’ (a hidden valley) and was considered as such for many hundreds of years. The ancestors of the Langtangpas (the indigenous people of Langtang valley) have been living there for more than 600 years. The Langtangpas have their own distinguished culture and rich language as well as Buddhist traditions and faith. People of Langtang have been living as yak herders, and as workers in the agriculture and tourism industry. Tourism is the largest source of income with approximately 90% of families completely dependent on it.

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Help to rebuild Langtang
Langtang valley is called home by over 600 Langtangpas. The Langtang Valley was established as a tourism & trekking destination in 1977 as the first national park of Nepal, and… Read More

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